R A D I K Á L A  -  a  p l a c e   f o r   a u t h e n t i c   f i n e   a r t



Motto : Decoration which has authentic subject is contrary to decorative abstract Radical.


Radikála is one man's view of fine art.

The works of art where the man's eye caught a glimpse of a radical curve will be exhibited. 

However substantial the authors and creators of these works are,they play the second fiddle.

It is,however,necessary to try defining the phenomenon of Radikála in a more detailed way.

It cannot be seen physically as a real object.

Only those who can understand what Radikála means can then see it. Its definition can hardly ever be passed on.

Even if it were able to be passed on, it would probably be useless.

One would be more likely to loose something than to gain something.

Radikála differs from trends,conformity,primal esteticism and decorativism.

There are exceptions,of course.

 Radicalism in terms of politics,religion, or philosofy are not in question.

 These topics stay at the gates of modest project.

Radikála is also far from using drastical artistic methods or limital means.It avoids the eccentric and controversial topics.

But the leading principle of Radikála is not despotism.

Neither democracy nor anarchy.

Radikála is based on creative participation of all people of good will on the Work in special space.

This space has simple rules, above mentioned.

We should creatively work with these rules...

 These web sites present The Galery and The Magazine.

At least every other month we shall present a new artistic artifact about which you can get more theorectical background if you wish.

Fine art works will be marked with one to five stars.


Radikála is to be a source of information on what is going on in the world of fine arts.

It is not to substitute the existing art magazines