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Welcome in Radikála, free non-profit space for contemporary fine art.

The latest show in Radikála Gallery was installed on the 18.1.2008.
The latest article in the Magazine shows exhibition of Martin Mainer in Šternberk.
The other articles are about Olympic painting by Luděk P. Pachl and exhibition of Petr Kožíšek at Dolmen
and about Art&Pound 2006 (floating art objects) which was written by Madlen etc.etc.
Read the latest inteRview with Michael Murphenko. (6.9.2005)

Painting of tomiq - published on the 25.8.2005 Painting of polish painter Andrzej Tobis published on the 13.6.2005 Painting of haniocko published on the 11.4.2005

Painting symposium Painting symposium Art on the pound

Radka Chocholoušková in the Kamenka Punkwa in the auditorium of FaVU, Mainer guys Light of soul, Soukup family

See the amazing winner of the enquiry for Miss Fine Arts 2003!
And watch the winner of enquiry Mr. Fine Arts 2004!
Also interesting is the interview with Peter Strickland.
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We hope that it will be great time here.


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