As a painter who aspires to share and communicate important ideas, I've been missing a direct intensive reaction of my viewers. I wanted to feel a contact and some feedback. I wanted to see and to be seen. I came short of singing (respectivelly somehow mewling) and drumming on the faculty party, dressed only in a thin red woman dress however it was highly appreciated at the meantime. I wanted to give off what I was used to give off in my paintings: the best and the most important things I've been living in, especially in the spiritual field. As though I was unsure and afraid on the new ground (of performance) I still adhere to the known: medium of painting. Or did I only feel it was natural to create by every particular action some concrete artifact? Then I spent one semester in the art studio of Performance by prof. Tomáš Ruller. As this extroversive tendency passed since one moment, I think it's possible it fully manifest some time again in the future...

"After School"

"Spring Sacring", castle park in Lednice, 2010

My gardening can also be considered as an environmental performance, in a particular view.

"The Opening", Dolmen Art Gallery, Brno, 2007

"After Bachelor Degree"

"Throwing Action", "The Vehicle" etc., Contacts Symposium, Klenová, 2004

"Painter's Case", House Of Art, Brno, 2004

"Flow Of Time", New Media Festival, Cheb, 2003

"Before Bachelor Degree"

"Victor", 2002

"Painter's Case" (Zen painter), 2001

"We Don't Have Only Eyes", 2001

"Recruitment", 2001

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