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Jan Karpíšek

Other projects, participations, texts, links

2015: He illustrated a book of poetry by Michaela Horynová V zahradách

2012: He wrote a few sentences about bees and zazen to a book Tři svíce za budoucnost (ed. Václav Cílek)

2012: He participated at the eco-socio-art symposium Chaos Start 2012 in Střítež u Poličky.

2012: He contributed to the noncommercial kindhearted magazine Klobouk na pařezu (Hat on the stump)

2011: He was invited to the international symposium Small format 2011 in Hodonín.

2011: A few words about bees and art on Czech TV.

2009: He appeared in Mimochodem (By The Way) anthology and together with Lukáš Hladík
he illustrated Václav Cílek's book Orfeus / Kniha podzemních řek.

2009: He painted a Škoda metal hubcap for Landfillart Project.

2009: He founded Svitava art group.

2008: He said a few words about gardening in "Eco-pioneers", a short movie of Jolana Matějková.

2008: His "Shakuhachi Freestyle" was used in a booklet
for album "Blue Fields in Paramount" by Belgian artist Phil Maggi

2008: He introduced a vernisage of Martina Švarcová and art group BOA

2007: He painted the cover and an inside comics for Alarm Issue No.37, No.38

2006: Guest in the Studio of Music recorded song Ámeníček /The Little Amen/
by Pavel Magda Pražák (piano, cymbaly) and J.K. singing at the boxing sack

2006: He whistled Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's melody and imitated frog's quackeling with a sling
hanged on his neck in The Cosmos Video which was in the final round of Start Point Prize

2005: illustrator of spring issue of Netřesk - almanach of contemporary literature

Member and co-founder of Punkwa art group (since Feb. 2005 to 10/1/2009)

2011: He was invited to an international symposium Contacts 2004 in Klenová.

Together with Jirka Lukeš founded and managed Artfest 2004

On May the 28th 2003 he read few own rows At The Boar's

2002: The main negative role in Kateřina Tmějová's movie "Nesmrtelná" (Deathless) Download file

2001: made few drawings of plants in scientific project CLO-PLA

A little 3gp videoclips archive

Art-icles (own writings)

Documents in english:

CV print version (PDF)
Catalogue 1999-2007 (PDF - 11,3 MB)
About author (own text, 2006)
The Article in magazine Atelier, summary (P. Ondračka, 2005)

Me at Etsy Aikido - Other amazing art (icon made of calligraphy of Mr. Eri Takase from www.takase.com RM-Big-Fan

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